Tips on Keeping Your Children Safe While Fishing

Posted on July 22, 2013

Many California citizens, instead of opting to travel to the beach this summer, may instead choose to take their kids to go fishing at one of the many lakes or rivers further inland.  If you plan on going fishing with your children at any point this summer, then make sure that you at least consider some of the safety advice included in a new report out of Kentucky.

Perhaps the most important thing that parents can do is talk to their children about the inherent differences between pools and lakes or rivers.  With natural environments, there’s a necessary lack of control over the situation.  Kids ought to know that the water must be treated with respect, as the bottom can suddenly drop away and there’s not always a simple way to get out of the water.

You should arm your children with the equipment necessary to ensure their wellbeing.  To get your child to wear safety equipment like a flotation device, have them go with you to pick up the item.  As with bike helmets, a child is more likely to wear something if they  feel like they have a say in the product.

Finally, additional precautions have to be taken if you actually plan on getting in the water, especially in an unsupervised area.  That aforementioned lifejacket should be worn, and other items like noodles or inner-tubes should be available as well.  Have knowledge of proper CPR procedures and make sure your children aren’t swimming too far out or doing anything dangerous.

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