Tips on Eliminating Threats That Lead to Slip and Falls

Posted on July 11, 2013

One might feel more comfortable in their own home environment than anywhere else in the world, but research shows that harm most commonly befalls individuals in their residence rather than anywhere else.  A new report explains that 6,000 people die and 5 million are injured on an annual basis because they slip and fall.  These incidents typically affect elderly individuals in their own homes.

That same report is offering tips from the president of the Treasure Coast, Florida chapter of the Visiting Nurse Association on avoiding such an injury or fatality.  She begins by speaking about the importance of adequate lighting.  This is most essential on stairways and in those areas typically visited at night.  Elderly individuals should likewise invest in night lights that can point the way in the hallway, bedroom, or bathrooms.

Anything that could trip someone up should be taken care of as soon as possible.  This could include sudden hazards like spills or debris or more insidious dangers like a bunched up rug that won’t stick to the floor.  Floors should be kept clean at all times, and rugs need to be taped down or taken away completely so that no one can trip.  If you notice that a walking path has become worn or damage, take steps to fix the problem.

Finally, consider investing in things like shower grab bars and non slip surfaces so that the risk of falling is mitigated in that environment.

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