Summer Increase in Lawnmower Injuries Should Prompt Consumer Caution

Posted on July 12, 2013

Summer typically brings an increase in the number of lawnmower accidents that take place across the country, especially among kids.  The American Academy of Pediatrics says that 15 kids are killed and 10,000 more are injured every year by a lawnmower, while adults account for 60 deaths and 15,000 injuries.

In St. Louis and nearby environs, officials have taken note of a startling increase in the number of hospitalizations and ER visits stemming from a lawnmower accident.  One common type of injury that has made itself known is that derived from a child sitting on an adult’s lap while they use a riding mower to cut the grass.  A recent Consumer Product Safety Commission survey showed that 50% of families have allowed their kids younger than 10 to ride in this way.

Unfortunately, riding mowers were never designed for this all too common activity, and kids can easily fall off when the mower shakes or hits a bump.  And that’s just one type of injury.  Other typical injuries take place when a child runs in front of a mower and gets caught beneath.  And adults are typically injured due to simple slips that cause them to run over their own foot.

These injuries are particularly dangerous due to the threat of infection posed.  Because the injured body part is making contact with dirt and other environmental debris, bacteria can easily seep into a wound.

Click the link above for the full report and tips on avoiding injuries.

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