Steps Runners Can Take To Protect Themselves From Harm

Posted on July 16, 2013

Warm weather heralded by the summer typically brings runners outdoors in greater numbers.  But if you plan on exercising outside this summer, then it’s important that you take a few precautions that should help protect you from outside harm.  A new report explains how.

There truly is strength in numbers.  Assailants will be far less likely to draw near if a group or even a couple of people are running together as opposed to a solitary individual.  Cautious parties might also run in the light of day rather than in the dark.  If you do opt for the latter, then it’s imperative you only stick to those paths that provide adequate lighting so as to reveal potential obstacles or people lurking about.

Runners should eliminate distractions from their repertoire.  Although it might be tempting to listen to music while on your route, this also takes your mind and eyes away from the environment.  Not only could someone sneak up on you, but you might not notice a cyclist or even an incoming vehicle.

A music player may not be a great idea, but other equipment is.  You should have a cellphone readily available so that you can call for help if you’re injured or if you suspect that someone is following you.  For the latter situation, you might also carry some type of pepper spray on your person.

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