Serious Injuries Potentially Await Divers Who Bellyflop Into The Water

Posted on July 24, 2013

A new report explores the potential danger posed by bellyflops.  Although seemingly innocuous, such a “dive” can actually prove quite hazardous once the height becomes sufficient.  If you’re visiting a body of water this summer, make sure that you dive as safely as possible.

Attention is first paid to exploring what happens to the body during your average bellyflop.  First, it takes just slightly more than 30 feet to hit the water at around 40 miles per hour.  When most belly floppers strike, bruising or a contusion are going to result.  Unfortunately, there’s also a possibility that blunt abdominal trauma is going to set in.  Internal organs like the bowels, liver, and kidneys can actually sustain severe damage that might require treatment.

And that doesn’t even include the danger posed when the water isn’t deep enough.  Striking a pool’s bottom can cause severe injuries, and if a person’s head or neck strikes the bottom, the individual could be paralyzed. In fact, the injury could turn out to be fatal.

Learn how to dive safely.  Avoid bellyflopping at all costs.  Know the deepness of the water before you jump in, and consider going in feet first if not jumping from a dedicated diving board.  Always break the water with your hands or feet rather than distributing the impact across your entire body.  And when you’re diving, be at the leading edge of the diving board and move straight forward.

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