Safety Tips For Coping With The BART Strike

Posted on July 3, 2013

There are going to be a number of irritable drivers in the Bay Area today and the rest of the Independence Day weekend if the BART strike continues to take place.  Although negotiations were set to resume today, and thus service could come back online at any time, commuters should prepare for a stressful ride to work.  Planning accordingly is vital to avoiding an accident, and thus the tips on offer from the California Highway Patrol would be worth heeding by any Northern California travelers.

Drivers have to realize that their will be many additional commuters on the road than is typical.  And although m any citizens will have the day off work, there will also be a lot of travelers headed toward backyard barbecues and fireworks displays, keeping traffic heavy in the process.  Go in with the mindset that it might take you awhile to get to your destination, and keep your driving in check.

That means that aggressive driving has no place on the road.  Your brakes are going to get a workout, and thus you don’t want to stress them and other drivers further by driving too fast and having to constantly hit the brake pedal.  Reduce the number of lane changes so that you’re not weaving in and out of traffic, and look out for motorcycles, which might hit the road in greater numbers with the strike in effect.

Finally, get plenty of rest and stay patient.  Everyone is in the same situation, so approach it with a good attitude.

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