Road Safety Compromised When Recalls Go Unfixed

Posted on July 3, 2013

We often report on the latest vehicle recalls that could impact California citizens.  Getting potential vehicle defects fixed is a vital part of ensuring highway safety, as what may seem like a minor issue can lead to tragedy.  Our hope is that vehicle owners get issues taken care of right away so that they, their family, and other commuters aren’t put in danger.

We were thus disappointed by the idea related in a new report that numerous vehicle recalls fail to get taken care of by consumers.  The reason seems not to have anything to do with a willful disregard for safety but rather for simple forgetfulness or inattentiveness.  Even so, all consumers should recognize the necessity of recalls and get problems fixed as soon as possible.

Carfax estimates that a whopping 2.1 million automobiles available for purchase online have been recalled without being fixed, and there’s currently no law preventing such a sale.

An consumer advice editor points out that many vehicle owners simply can’t discern the important documentation from the junk mail that arrives on a daily basis.  He explains that a recall notification will get pushed to the side, the vehicle owner fully intending to come back to it, only to have such a return never take place.  Still other recall notifications might come to the wrong address because a sale has already been made.

Don’t let this happen.  Take recalls seriously and get problems fixed at once.

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