Reno and Sparks Police Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers

Posted on July 1, 2013

Californians planning to use Independence Day as an excuse for a four-day weekend trip to Reno be warned:  police are going to be on the lookout for intoxicated persons at the wheel.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the Police Departments of Reno and Sparks are teaming up for the effort, which is a component of the Joining Forces grant and the Zero Fatalities initiative being carried out along Nevada roads.  The operation will see an increase in the number of patrols being carried out and checkpoints designed to identify drunk drivers.

The event will be carried out over the next couple of weeks in those aforementioned areas.  A member of the Sparks Traffic Patrol pointed out that this time of the year tends to see an increase in the number of intoxicated persons on the road.  That’s why police are doubling and in some cases even tripling the police presence.  Last year, 132 people were arrested because they were allegedly above the legal alcohol limit.

The Sparks PD is also providing some important tips to drivers in the area that could be applicable just about anywhere.  Persons set on drinking absolutely must make transportation plans that won’t require them to get behind the wheel.  Use a cab or some other type of public transportation service, and report vehicles you think are being steered by a drunk driver.

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