Protect Your Kids From Tick Bites When They Head To Camp

Posted on July 8, 2013

Recently, we related a few tips on how to avoid tick bites, but one place where parents won’t be able to verify that their children are free of ticks is at summer camp.  That doesn’t mean, though, that precautions can’t be taken to protect your kids.  A new report outlines what parents can do to ensure their kids won’t be endangered by a tick bite while away from home.

First, parents might speak to their kids about the danger.  Explain the types of foliage that children should try to go around if possible, and also detail how to look for ticks after coming inside.  Children should also be loaded up with the kind of lightweight, skin protecting clothing that can further eliminate the risk of a tick bite.  These clothes should be light colored so that ticks stand out.

Parents should also have their kids pack a tick repellant substance.  The active ingredient in such products should be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.  You ought also to instruct your children on how to apply the repellant so that it does its job.

Lastly, parents are encouraged to speak with the administrators of the camp about tick protection.  Qualified camps should have a plan in place to deal with the prevention of tick bites and how to handle bites when they occur.  The latter situation should entail a call to the parent and prompt medical attention as needed.

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