Protect Your Kids From Backpack and Biking Injuries

Posted on July 31, 2013

Kids are going to head back to school soon, which is why a new report has arrived focused on preventing injuries among children on their way to class.  The article highlights the damage that can be done on the back of a bicycle and when a backpack becomes too heavy for a child.

First, children have to be prepared to safely ride to and from school if they’re going to be taking their bikes.  Busy thoroughfares should be avoided and going too fast must be frowned upon.  Instead, kids should be encouraged to ride to school together in something known as a bike train.  And prior to riding, it’s important that you or your child check that everything is in working order.  That means the chain should be in place, the tires should be adequately inflated, and the brakes are capable of bringing the bike to a halt when called upon to do so.

The child’s backpack should be light enough not to throw off their balance when they’re biking or when they’re walking.  Children should wear the backpack like an actual backpack rather than a sling around one arm.  And rather than hanging loose, the straps should be adjusted so that the pack is tight against the child’s body.  The front strap should further enhance this stability.

Also make sure that the backpack doesn’t weigh too much.  For the story, a doctor explains that 12 pounds is the maximum for a child weighing 76 pounds.  Anymore than that and the child can suffer from back injuries.

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