Precautions That Can Make Your Hike As Safe As Possible

Posted on July 22, 2013

A report out of Arizona, a state that’s certainly no stranger to heightened temperatures, provides safety tips for hikers in the hope that the advice can be used to prevent a potential injury or tragedy.  If you’re going for a hike anytime in the near future, you might put the strategies described by the Daisy Mountain Fire Department into action to protect yourself.

Most safety measures hinge on making careful preparations prior to heading out.  Instead of traveling without a plan in mind, hikers should know ahead of time what route they’re going to take.  Attention also needs to be paid to what the weather is going to be like.  Rainy conditions or extreme heat should prompt hikers to think twice before they leave.

Owners of Smartphones can go even further, using an available app to plot their course.  This has the added benefit of helping a hiker retrace his or her steps if they ever get lost or have to turn around due to an injury.  That cellphone should be on hand at all times during the excursion.

Other absolute necessities include things like sunscreen, bottled water, and light clothing that protects as much skin as possible from the sun.  Hikers should also invest in a compass that can help one get their bearings when all other precautions fail.

Finally, stick to all trails, and don’t push yourself past your limits.

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