Parasailing Incident Sparks Inquiry, Safety Fears

Posted on July 9, 2013

A parasailing accident in Florida has cast a spotlight on potential safety shortfalls in that industry. What’s more, the company involved in the incident reportedly isn’t a stranger to adverse incidents.

Two teenage girls were vacationing in Panama City, Florida, when they decided to go parasailing via a company called Aquatic Adventures.  Once in the air, the rope that was used to attach them and their parachute to the towboat snapped, causing the girls to go off course, smashing into structures and crash landing painfully into the ground.

The girls suffered serious injuries, with one still listed as being in critical condition.  The company did not speak on this matter or a previous incident that allegedly led two parasailers to fall into the ocean.  Instead, they claimed that they always adhere to safety standards and that adverse weather can sometimes present itself.  The incident is under investigation by officials.

If you’re thinking about going parasailing, then please do your research prior taking part in the activity.  Plan ahead and go online to check out the safety record of the outfit that’s going to be taking you into the sky.  Also follow your instincts.  If a vessel or the equipment on hand appears to be in bad shape, the workers seem inexperienced, or something just feels wrong, refrain from the activity.  And if the waves are choppy or the weather is otherwise not conducive to a safe parasailing ride, avoid heading out on the water or the sky.

Hit play to view video of the incident.

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