Nevada Highway Patrol Cracks Down on I-15 Dangerous Drivers

Posted on July 30, 2013

The drive on Interstate 15 through Nevada is familiar to any Los Angeles citizens who have traveled to Las Vegas for a long weekend.  Those same drivers will also be able to attest to some of the aggressive tactics that take place on this stretch of road, with many people attempting to speed back to California or speed to Vegas for their trip.

The Nevada Highway Patrol recognizes the state of things as well, which is why they have enacted a Zero Tolerance policy that extends from Primm to the St. Rose Parkway.  It doesn’t matter what kind of violation drivers engage in; if the person is caught by a member of the patrol, they will be pulled over.

It’s all so that I-15 can lose its reputation as one of the deadliest sections of road in the country.  The efforts appear to have borne fruit thus far.  Fatalities have dropped from four to just one from 2012 to 2013, and injurious accidents have been reduced by half.  Over the course of the first half of the year, 8,000 citations were handed out to drivers, an increase of around 2,000 from the same timeframe the year prior.

One trooper noted that the typical driver pulled over for speeding travels at around 95 miles per hour but that triple digits isn’t uncommon.  A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol said the agency may enact their own operation to nab drivers on the California side of the 15.

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