Make Your Visit To The Fair As Safe As Possible

Posted on July 17, 2013

The California State Fair is going on right now and will likely draw citizens from across the state who want to take part in festivities.  But visitors also have to realize there are certain safety precautions that have to be taken whenever dropping by such a venue.  A new report out of Nebraska stresses some of those precautions.

First, if you or your children are going to be dropping in to any of the livestock exhibits, then you should respect the space of the animals involved.  Realize that the animals may have been thrust into an environment they’re not used to and thus could be more skittish than usual.

Ask the owner if an animal would be safe to pet.  If he or she says yes, then slowly approach the animal while keeping your voice down and your hand movements minimal.  Give it a chance to get used to you before you reach out.

One thing you always need to be aware of is the barrier separating you from animals.  Such partitions are erected for a reason.  The same goes for fencing surrounding carnival rides.  If an exhibit is surrounded by a fence, don’t climb or try to circumvent it.  This is particularly important when it comes to the myriad rides in the area that move at high speeds.

Finally, use hand sanitizer or soap and water on your hands on a regular basis, and always make sure to travel with a trusted acquaintance and have your kids do the same.

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