Make Your Animal’s Visit To The Dog Park As Safe As Possible

Posted on July 16, 2013

Many dog owners, especially those that don’t have a large yard for their animals to run around, might opt to bring their pet by a local dog park so that he or she can socialize and get needed exercise.  However, not all dogs are ready for such a responsibility.  Some animals are naturally skittish and others might simply not enjoy interacting with other dogs.

If your dog falls into that category, you might hold off on bringing them to a dog park.  As a trainer says in a new report, it could simply take time to get that animal accustomed to the situation.  She recommends seven months, but the time might vary for your animal, if the time comes at all.

The last thing that a pet owner would want to have happen is for a bite to take place, whether it’s they’re dog biting someone else and leaving them liable or they themselves being bitten by someone else’s dog.  During your visits to a dog park, you should stay a safe distance away from any animals that aren’t keen on approaching you.

Should a dog come up to you, or your path takes you in front of another dog, ask the owner if it’s okay to pet the dog.  If he or she gives you the go-ahead, keep your arms down at your side and let the dog first come to you.  They’ll sniff you out until they’re confident you’re friendly, and once they relax you can try to slowly reach out and pet the animal.

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