Injury Reports Lead to Concerns About Imitation iPhone Chargers

Posted on July 22, 2013

Reports alleging shoddy manufacturing and a potential safety threat inherent with third party phone chargers continue to surface.  The latest news concerns knockoff iPhone chargers that are alleged to have been responsible for at least one death and one severe injury in China.

The threat potentially exists all around the world.  Consumers, forced with the choice of paying $20 for a charger or a couple of bucks for a knockoff, will opt for the knockoff.  But one blogger points out that the technology inside of a typical charger is far more advanced than many would expect.  Corners may have to be cut by third party product makers if they hope to compete for a lower price.

One area where these products often prove deficient is in protection from short circuits.  If you’re looking to identify such products, pay close attention to the verbiage on the product itself.  Instead of saying it was made by Apple in California, it will say something similar but not quite right.

Shock threats aren’t the only possible danger.  As revealed in the above report, some items could overheat, posing a burn threat and endangering you and your phone.  Consumers should tread carefully, purchasing products with a track record of safety and paying attention to future developments with this story.

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