Eliminate Circumstances That Can Lead To A Grilling Accident

Posted on July 9, 2013

The Independence Day weekend may have come to a close, but barbecue season is still in full swing.  The next couple months will see people from across California hosting and attending backyard barbecues in droves.  However, it’s essential to ensure safety during these times, and a new report explains some of the ways to do so.

When you’re the one hosting the event, you have a certain level of responsibility for your guests’ safety.  To ensure this, your first step will be verifying the adequacy of the grill.  Propane grills are increasingly common, but you’ll first have to make sure that the line and the tank itself are in the best condition possible.

Cracks or leaks will necessitate a postponement of the party or a switch with a propane tank that doesn’t suffer from that issue.  If that’s not possible, you might even purchase another grill, a charcoal one for instance, that you can utilize at those times when a problem with your propane tank is apparent.

Should you go with such a charcoal unit, you’ll need to use extra caution when you’re done grilling.  You absolutely must not place briquettes in the garbage while they’re still smoldering.  Instead, wait a lengthy amount of time, or better yet, throw water on them.  Even if you do this, though, don’t be too hasty with disposal.

When you actually get ready to grill, dress appropriately.  Loose, billowy shirts are a bad idea due to their propensity to catch fire.  The last thing you want is to be grilling and have your sleeve set ablaze.  To avoid such a situation, have on a t-shirt, or if you do opt to wear long sleeves, make sure the shirt is tight.

There are certain things that should never be near the grill.  First, pets aren’t going to be able to tell that there’s a fire hazard in the vicinity.  Not only might they burn themselves if they draw near, but if they’re a particularly large dog, their pushing and prodding can topple the grill in the midst of food preparation.  This could endanger everyone nearby.

Children should also be instructed to give the grill a wide berth.  This becomes more important the younger the children involved are.  Kids have a tendency to want to climb things, and if they reach up to the grill for a handhold, a burned hand could await.

One activity that has no place near your grill?  Smoking.  Many guests who would consider it rude to smoke inside might see no problem with lighting up outside, but if they do so in the vicinity of a grill that has sprung a leak, a fire can erupt.  It’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid such a situation altogether.

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