Distracted Driving Takes a Financial Toll on Families

Posted on July 19, 2013

No one would question the human toll that a collision related to distracted driving would take.  After all, it only takes one moment of looking at a text instead of the road to create a crash situation that can cause severe injuries or even take a life.  But a new report attempts to provide an examination of the monetary impact that a distracted driving crash has on some families.

The report examines the sad case of an Oklahoma City family whose 20 year old daughter was lost due to a crash.  At the time of the incident, the woman was shown to be on the phone.  As if the tragedy wasn’t enough, the family suddenly found themselves beset by costs they had never anticipated.

The funeral and all attendant costs that go along with it proved hefty, and the family also had to pay off certain insurance policies as well as take on the burden of student loans.

One thing distinguishing this family from many others is the fact that there was only one vehicle involved in the accident.  When more than one vehicle is involved, the distracted person or their family suddenly finds themselves paying off all of somebody else’s expenses, medical bills included.  And if that prompts a personal injury lawsuit, they have to pay for all attendant court costs and attorney fees.

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