Demonstration Raises Awareness of Never Leaving A Pet In A Car

Posted on July 1, 2013

If there were any people out there who were still in doubt as to the serious danger posed to pets and children by a hot car, then a new video is hopefully enough to prove that the threat is very real indeed.

A veterinarian posted the video in a bid to show what happens when a human being is left inside of a vehicle with the windows cracked on a clear, breezy, 95 degree day.  It doesn’t take long before the individual begins to sweat profusely.  The breeze that’s apparent outside does nothing for the interior of the vehicle, and the heat builds almost instantly.

Temperatures reach 100 within minutes, and by the time the trial is over a half hour later, the thermometer has gotten all the way up to 117.  The doctor, an adult male, is dripping sweat and has definitely begun to experience the drastic repercussions of being alone in a sweltering vehicle.

As the video goes on, the doctor highlights the particular risk posed to pets amid these types of circumstances.  Dogs, after all, are covered in fur and they don’t sweat the way we do to deal with excessive heat.  Thus, they’ll begin to feel the effects of a hot car long before a healthy adult would.  Kids would similarly be put in greater danger.

Check out the full video below, and never leave your pets or children in a vehicle.

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