Campers and Hikers Must Protect Themselves From Bears

Posted on July 18, 2013

It may be on the California state flag, but that doesn’t mean that an encounter with a bear is going to be an enjoyable experience.  Many citizens from around the state will be camping and hiking out in the relative wilderness this summer, and thus they might come into contact with a bear.  If you’re taking part in any outdoor activities anytime soon, you might consider the tips included in a new report.

A representative of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks stresses that perhaps the best way to avoid danger when brought into the vicinity of a bear is to utilize bear pepper spray.  When you unleash a burst of this spray, the color, smell, and even sound combine to keep bears at bay.

Proper storage of food is also going to be imperative.  If you’re leaving a camp, you shouldn’t leave food out in the open.  You should also stick to trails as opposed to heading off into the great unknown.

Finally, if a bears draws too close for comfort, keep your cool.  Don’t start yelling at the top of your lungs or taking off as if you’re going to outrun the animal.  Whatever you do, avoid eye contact at all costs, and slowly back away.  If a bear gets within swiping distance, your best bet might be to pull yourself into a ball, using your hands to protect your face and neck.

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