Avoid Used Goods When Buying Certain Children’s Products

Posted on July 11, 2013

When parents are in the market for products for their children, the sheer amount of stuff that must be purchased can lead many to turn to the used market for goods.  And while this is acceptable for some types of products, there are other things that absolutely must be bought new in order to avoid certain dangers.  A new report differentiates between the two with help from a medical editor/pediatrician with HealthyChildren.org.

First, realize those items that you should always buy new, starting with cribs.  Crib standards are constantly in flux, with new benchmarks introduced as recently as 2011 to ensure that certain injury hazards were removed.  When you buy a used crib, there’s a chance that your child could be harmed by a dated drop-down style or some other safety oversight.  Plus, even if the unit would be safe, a vital piece may be missing that could compromise the stability of the whole crib.

You’ll want to avoid other items due to the illness threat created.  With things like breast pumps and pacifiers, anything less than full sterilization could allow bacteria to remain and spread to you or your child.  For the same reason, parents ought to avoid used mattresses for their children.  Not only can bodily fluids seep in and pose a bacterial and contamination threat, but the softness created when others have slept on the bed can make it more dangerous for babies.

Some items should be okay to purchase new, such as monitors, some toys, and even high chairs, but only if they meet current safety benchmarks.

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