Expanding Water Balls Recalled By "Be Amazing!" Due to Injury Threat

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The Salt Lake City, Utah-based Be Amazing! Toys has announced the recall of Super Star Science! and Monster Science Colossal Water Balls.  These products are composed of polymer balls that can take on water and blow up to 400 times larger than they are when in the package.  Unfortunately, if a child were to swallow the smaller form of the toy, expansion may occur inside of the child’s body, creating severe internal damage.  Surgery would then be necessitated to remove the balls, which wouldn’t appear on an x-ray.  Although no injuries have come to the fore in conjunction with these 15,400 or so products, an incident involving a similar item has been made known to the CPSC.  Available across the country and in Canada between September 2010 and November of last year, the balls should be removed from children’s reach and the company should be contacted.

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