California Highway Patrol Also Cracking Down On I-15 Drivers

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Yesterday, we explained the steps that the Nevada Highway Patrol is taking in order to ensure the safety of Interstate 15, and in that story, the California Highway Patrol hinted that they would be stepping up their own enforcement efforts along that stretch of road.  Now, that has apparently become a reality, with the CHP announcing that they will be ratcheting up their enforcement efforts along the California side of the highway.  Distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding and seatbelt violations will be the main focuses of the operation.  A spokesman for the CHP notes that fatality numbers from Barstow to Vegas have been reduced dramatically in the past decade.  He explains that 90 deaths a year on the I-15 was not uncommon in the 90s but that 2012 saw those numbers reduced to 12.

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