Drop-Side Failure Risk Prompts Recall of 3,900 Rockland Cribs

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The Taiwan-based Nan Far Woodworking has announced the recall of round Rockland Furniture cribs that were only sold at J.C. Penney between the beginning of January 2005 and the end of 2008.  These cribs, which will each contain a model number of 343-8314, have drop-sides that are in danger of not working properly.  If they fall or detach, the baby can become trapped in the newly widened aperture or simply fall out of the unit.  The former issue would pose a strangulation threat while the latter would create a fall risk.  3,900 cribs are potentially affected, and although no adversity has been reported at this time, parents are being asked to not use the cribs until such time that they can make repairs with a free kit from Rockland.  This can be obtained by getting in touch with the company.

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