Red Cross Seeks To Promote Safety Via First Aid App

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With the heat ratcheted up this summer, the Red Cross is taking the opportunity to proclaim the virtues of their first aid app.  The thought is that, if consumers have access to the information contained within the app, they’ll be able to take the steps necessary both to prevent an emergency and to enact the proper care when one takes place.

The app reportedly offers a series of tips for a variety of situations, including something that crops up at the height of summer, heatstroke.  Videos are also provided.  The preparatory actions described can help consumers avoid such things as flus, hurricanes, and chemical adversity.  And in the event that an emergency extends beyond your control, the app can even be used to dial 911.

For those that don’t have the app but still want to know some of the safety precautions to be enacted in order to ward off heatstroke, common sense will prevail in most cases.  Drink plenty of water, especially if you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period of time.  If you’re away from home, pack bottled water so that you’ll never run out.  By the same token, abstain from alcohol, which could dehydrate you far more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

The Communications Director of the Red Cross does point out one shortfall of the app:  your phone can die.  When that happens, it’s up to your preparations and good judgment to get through an emergency.