Safety Tips For When The Training Wheels Come Off

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There will come a time when kids will be ready to make the jump to a two-wheeled bicycle from training wheels.  Parents might be struggling with how to ensure the safety of their kids when they’re ushered into this new era of responsibility, and to address those concerns, an officer with the Stoneham Police Department of Massachusetts has put together a series of tips in a new report.

The officer stresses that helmet usage is perhaps the single most important safety measure to take.  Parents are encouraged to take their children with them when shopping for a helmet.  Frame it as an exciting experience so that the kid will be eager to choose and subsequently wear the helmet.

Not only should the helmet fit, but so should the bike itself.  Many parents opt to purchase a larger bike, figuring that it will fit the kid’s stature someplace down the line.  But that could endanger the child early on, as they won’t be able to board or ride the unit in the proper manner.

Parents should speak to their children about how to safely ride.  Explain to kids that a vehicle backing out of a driveway might not be able to see them.  Point out the streets and areas where kids shouldn’t ride.  If your child is going to be riding at night, invest in the proper lights and reflectors.  Finally, review the bike on a regular basis to check for wear and tear that could compromise safe riding.