Over 143,000 Honda Fit Vehicles Recalled Anew Due To Fire Risk

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Hundreds of thousands of vehicles that were previously recalled are being recalled anew due to worries that the previous fix failed to do the job.  Honda announced the recall, which affects Fit automobiles of the 2007 and 2008 model years.  Water can seep into the master power window switch via the window of the driver due to a possible plastic cover separation.  This issue can lead to that switch component becoming overheated and possibly sparking a blaze.  More than 143,000 vehicles are potentially impacted by this issue, but Honda is currently only making preparations for vehicle owners with damaged switches to receive the necessary repairs.  Inspections that don’t turn up damage will lead to the owners being told to come back, likely in the fall, for full repairs, as Honda doesn’t have the parts necessary for that widespread of a fix at the moment.

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