As Temperatures Soar, Safety Must Remain Paramount

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Much of the country is still reeling from a heatwave that led to near record breaking temperatures in some areas, including Death Valley, where the temperature reached 130!  In the midst of such heat, it’s important that you do what’s necessary to protect yourself and loved ones.  The American Red Cross explains how in a new report out of New Mexico.

First, spend as little time outside as you can, seeking shelter in an air-conditioned space.  If you’re planning some sort of outdoor get-together but the temperature is in the triple digits, then you might simply delay the event for another date.

However, hiding inside might not help much if you don’t have air conditioning.  When heat reaches unsafe levels, it could be best to go someplace cool and come back to the residence at a later time.  Go catch a movie or do some shopping at the mall.  These air conditioned venues offer protection and a way to bide the time.

If you know someone who doesn’t have air conditioning or who might otherwise be susceptible to the heat, give them a call.  If there’s no answer, drop in to make sure they’re alright, and call emergency personnel if you feel that heat exhaustion or heatstroke has set in.

Finally, take plenty of breaks if you have to be outside for any reason, and always have someone with you that can look out for signs that the heat is getting the best of you.