Tips on Keeping Your Kids Away From Outdoor Poisoning Threats

Posted on June 28, 2013

Backyard poisoning will remain a very real threat throughout the summer, especially with younger children out of school and intent on exploring their environment.  It’s thus important that you take certain preventative measures that will protect your kids from an accidental poisoning.  A series of new tips from representatives of Oregon Health and Science University explain how.

If you have a yard, or even live near a park, you’ll want to secure it from the natural threats that may pop up without your intervention.  Relate to your kids the dangers of eating wild mushrooms,and further eliminate this risk by pulling these mushrooms from your yard when they spring up.

Another risk many overlook is that posed by berries on trees and other foliage.  Some might be fine to eat, but an unwashed berry could still carry certain contaminants or even a pesticide if such a chemical has been applied.  If you have berries in your yard, or even if they’re at a local playground, conduct some research and figure out whether they would endanger a child who eats them.  Get rid of any plants in your yard that contain poisonous berries, and tell your kids to refrain from eating the plant life.

Of course, not all poisoning threats are based in nature.  You need to keep all yard chemicals, such as pesticides, away from children behind locked doors and cabinets.  Such items must be kept in the canisters they came in so there’s no confusion as to the contents.

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