Secure Your Household From Common Injury Threats

Posted on June 10, 2013

A new report explains that 21 million trips to the hospital and almost 20,000 fatalities take place every year because of an incident in the home.  To make sure your family is safe, especially if you have young children, then you might consider the tips on offer from that same report.

Your first step could be to reduce the potential for typical fall hazards which can crop up around the home.  Keep paths clear of debris that an inattentive individual might miss.  This is particularly important on staircases.  Then, if you have any area rugs in your home, make sure they’re not going to skid by using a rug-liner or buying a unit with a non-skid back.  And if you ever spill something, clean it up promptly so that no one will slip.

If you have kids, you’ll also want to eliminate typical poisoning threats.  Medications and household chemicals should remain in their original containers and they should be placed high enough up that a child can’t get to them.  You should further protect the contents of cabinets by installing child-resistant locks.

When you’re through using such potentially poisonous products, be sure you’re also disposing of the items appropriately, taking pains to ensure your kids won’t be able to access the remaining stock in the trash.  Many communities have chemical and medication disposal services you might take advantage of.

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