Roadcheck 2013 Attempts To Promote Commercial Truck Safety

Posted on June 6, 2013

Given their size, commercial vehicles must meet rigorous standards in order to ensure safety along the highway.  Even a minor mistake could have serious repercussions, and it’s thus vital that benchmarks be met so that the threat of a collision can be reduced and the damage that occurs during a crash can be mitigated.

In order to ensure that commercial tractor trailers meet such standards, police entities across the country are taking part in Roadcheck 2013 this week.  At 2,500 different areas around the nation, state police officers have been deployed to inspection sites to give a once-over to commercial vehicles rolling through the area.

Such compliance checks are intended to make sure that commercial vehicles meet certain laws that are essential to safety.  Many times, a truck is unable to proceed further down the line unless an issue is dealt with.  More than a million trucks have been inspected by officials in the 26 years that Roadcheck has taken place.

The most typical reason for a truck to fail the test has to do with some type of issue with the trucks’ brakes.  But mechanical problems aren’t all that inspectors are on the lookout for.  The driver’s background will also be verified.  Inspectors want to make sure that the truck operators have the appropriate license and that they’re qualified to handle the excessive load.  If a problem is discovered, they might not be able to ride on.

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