Protect Kids This Summer In Your Role as a Driver And a Parent

Posted on June 5, 2013

Safety is an ever-important topic, especially in the summer months when young kids are out of schools and playing in and around neighborhoods.  You might not be used to a kid darting out in the street to retrieve a baseball in the winter, but such occurrences are common in the summer months.  To ensure kids, your own included, throughout your area are kept safe, consider the tips provided in a new report out of Marietta, Ohio.

First, be particularly cautious when driving through residential areas, especially if you notice kids playing in the area.  Don’t just obey the speed limit; consider going even slower than normal so that you can react promptly if a kid crosses your path.  Be particularly cognizant of kids when passing cars parked next to each other, parks, and stopped ice cream trucks.

Of course, if you have kids who are going to be playing outside, you must also do what you can to protect them.  Constant supervision can go a long way toward protecting your kids, but even before they go out to play, you should explain the importance of sticking to parks and not heading out into the street.  If crossing a street is necessary, your child should know to look both ways and only use corners and crosswalks.

You might also keep your kids busy by engaging in summer activities like trips to the zoo, museum, or something similar.  Staving off boredom can go a long way toward making sure your kids won’t take part in an activity that could be deemed dangerous.

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