Overheated Cellphone Batteries Deemed A Threat By Consumer Reports

Posted on June 26, 2013

Consumer Reports and a New York Senator are asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission to more closely investigate reports of exploding cellphones typically associated with off-brand batteries.

The issue has become more prominent over the past few years as 61 complaints have poured into the CPSC about the issue.  Those reports feature such occurrences as arcing, overheating, and more.  Although fires or an ensuing explosion are thought to be exceedingly rare, they can cause serious damage if they do occur.

Consumers Union believes that the risk can be greatly mitigated when cellphone owners invest only in those chargers and batteries that derive from the manufacturer of the phone itself.  In addition, the agency explains that cellphones and batteries should be kept away from intense heat or submersion in water.  The former can affect performance, especially if the phone is stored someplace like a hot car.  If you’re going near a pool, consider placing your phone in some type of waterproof bag or container.

When you drop your phone, the first thing you should do is open the battery compartment to look for any noticeable damage.  If you start using the phone anew, carefully monitor instances of the phone overheating.  Cease usage for a while if you fear it’s getting too hot and bring it in to a dealer for further investigation.

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