Motorcyclists And Other Drivers Can Work Together to Improve Safety

Posted on June 26, 2013

A new report out of Massachusetts attempts to stress the importance of motorcycle safety, a noble goal to be sure, and one that is of particular relevance here in California.  As the study cited by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the article shows, half of the motorcyclist fatalities which took place in 1999 occurred in but seven states, California among them.  Ensuring safety remains critical even 14 years on.

Visibility is an issue that must be addressed by all drivers.  Simply looking ever so briefly into the rearview mirror isn’t sufficient to detect a smaller vehicle.  One must do whatever they can to verify that no motorcycles lie within their blind spots when attempting to turn or make a lane change.  Check and then check again so that you’re not putting a motorcyclist in danger.

Although some might complain about the excessive loudness of motorcycles, one can’t deny that the noise certainly alerts drivers in the vicinity to their presence.  However you feel, you should exercise additional caution when the revving of a motorcycle comes to your attention.  Keep interior cabin noises down so that you have no trouble hearing such sounds.

Motorcyclists can do their part for safety by limiting their speed.  More than two out of every five motorcyclists killed in the study cited above were said to be speeding, so if you can keep your speed down, your safety improves.  Also promoting safety?  Putting on a helmet and refraining from alcohol consumption prior to riding.

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