Many Ways to Eliminate Distraction From Your Time At the Wheel

Posted on June 10, 2013

Distracted driving doesn’t solely pertain to the realm of cellphone usage.  Although texting or carrying on a conversation with someone on the other line can certainly take your eyes and mind away from the road, there are certain other activities that pose their own hazards.  To avoid such distractions, consider some of the tips provided by AAA Michigan in a new report.

Many drivers have taken to using their phones as a navigation device.  However, you can get so caught up in your GPS that you neglect the traffic in front of you.  Know your path before you leave, and if you have to use a map function on your phone, considering pulling over first.

Rowdy kids can be a huge distraction, especially if their actions prompt you to repeatedly turn to the backseat.  Have kids (and pets) adequately secured before you leave, and if you usually provide them with food or a DVD to watch on the trip, get such items ready prior to starting the car.

Other activities that might take your mind and eyes off the road include personal grooming and eating.  To avoid these distractions, give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and grab a healthy meal.  Getting ten more minutes of sleep isn’t worth a potential collision.

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