Kisai Watch Alerts Users To Their State of Intoxication

Posted on June 20, 2013

Interlock devices have been catching on as of late as a means to prevent drunk drivers from being able to start a vehicle if their breath clocks in at a given Blood Alcohol Content level.  However, these devices are not mandatory in automobiles, and the number of previously convicted drunk drivers who have been forced to install the equipment to prevent future incidents is still fairly low.

But perhaps there’s another way to ensure that an intoxicated individual won’t mistakenly get behind the wheel of a car.  That’s where the Kisai watch breathalyzer from Tokyoflash comes in.  The device purports to alert the wearer to their state of intoxication, basically telling them whether or not they should be crawling into the driver’s seat or hailing a cab.

There are two methods of deduction at work.  The first is a simple breathalyzer that the user breathes into.  The second is a kind of game that’s been designed to determine the level of the wearer’s hand eye coordination.  Once the watch figures out what the person’s BAC is, it will display the information on a screen to the right.  If the light flashes red (or even yellow), you should not be on the road.

At the moment, the device costs around $99.  You can charge it through the use of a simple USB.

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