In-Development Bike Light Would React To The Environment

Posted on June 20, 2013

It’s one of those inventions that once you hear about it you wonder how it hasn’t come onto the market already:  a startup company based in Estonia is developing a system that automatically turns bike lights on and off based off of the environment.

The proposal from Velodroom which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter would reportedly take into account how light it is in the area when judging whether or not lights need to be put on.  And lest users worry that the light is going to be on all the time, the technology reportedly comes with a motion detector so that the light won’t be on when the bike is in storage.

In addition to coming on at night and in other low light situations, the system also receives input when the rider puts on the brakes.  By lighting up when this happens, the technology acts pretty much how one would expect the brake light on a car to illuminate.

The company has estimated that most users will be able to get three months’ usage out of the internal battery.  If the company is able to secure funding for this device and get it onto the market, they have stated their intention to explore improvements to other types of bike accessories.

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