Don’t Let An Open Garage Leave You Susceptible To Burglars

Posted on June 28, 2013

With the summer here, many residents of California have taken to leaving their garages open as they do some cleaning work or simply head in and out of the house for outdoor activities.  But in Bakersfield, and likely other cities across the state, this trend also leads to an increase in the number of thefts.

In a new report, the Bakersfield Police Department notes the importance of always shutting one’s garage.  The truth is, it takes hardly any time at all for a thief to walk into your garage and abscond with items.  You might not think you’re leaving this area of your residence unmonitored for any notable period of time, but someone with their mind set on burglary will be able to get in and out before you even notice something is gone.

There are thankfully some things you can do to ensure the safety of your household, and that starts with shutting (and locking) your garage.  You also don’t want to tip off burglars as to the contents of the garage.  Valuables should be kept out of sight for those times that a garage door is open.

Kids might not think twice about leaving their bikes in the driveway or the yard, but stress that they should always bring these inside. If you’re further worried about someone gaining access to your garage, consider investing in a motion detector that will turn on the lights when someone draws near.

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