Be Safe No Matter Where You Drive This Summer

Posted on June 24, 2013

A number of tips are being offered by the American Red Cross in order to ensure the summer is going to remain safe for citizens all across the country.  No matter where you drive this summer, be it to work or to take your family on a long overdue vacation, the advice would be important to consider.

Distraction should have no place in driving, a tip that’s even more important to realize when it comes to texting.  If you’re in an unfamiliar area due to a summer vacation, it’s also vital to drive defensively, especially in the middle of roadside construction areas.

If you have to check for directions, then you should stop to do so.  You don’t want a map on your lap or a GPS on your phone to take your eyes from the road.  Also leave plenty of space between you and any leading cars.  Make sure that you’re far enough behind that you’ll be able to stop if that person slams on their brakes.

Understand that visibility is going to be important.  Although you certainly want to have your headlights on at night, it’s not a bad idea to keep them on at any time that it’s shady or the sun is going down.  To determine if you’re driving too fast at night, see how long it takes your vehicle to reach the headlights’ farthest point.  If it’s less than four seconds, you need to slow down.

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