Avoiding Snakes and Treating Bites Once They Occur

Posted on June 17, 2013

Although it’s not all that common to see snakes in more populated areas of California like Los Angeles, the reptiles are abundant along hiking trails and various scenic parts of the state.  That said, you need to have a safety plan in mind if ever you find yourself the victim of a snake bite, especially one from a rattlesnake.  A new report explains how.

The best way to promote safety is to prepare to ward off a bite before it occurs.  Snakes are attracted to things like wood piles, bird feeders, and rock-retaining walls, as they make easy hiding spots.  Whenever you approach any of the above to conduct work, have a long stick you can use to tap the structure and see what slithers out.

If you ever encounter a snake, don’t attempt to handle it yourself.  You should call a local agency that can come and collect the reptile.  Or, if you’re on a hiking trail, simply give the snake a wide berth.

When you’re bitten, don’t panic.  Take a mental picture of the type of snake so you can reference it to medical personnel.  Stop moving the bite site and take off things like rings which can cause pain once swelling begins.  Seek out emergency medical assistance immediately, and contrary to what you may believe, don’t have someone suck out the venom.

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