Warn Your Teens About Typical Driving Hazards

Posted on May 24, 2013

Parents with children of driving age might be worried about the reckless habits their teens might develop while behind the wheel of an automobile this summer.  If you fit that bill, then you might consider talking to your teen about safe driving using the tips offered by GEICO in a new report.

The insurance agency explains that texting at the wheel will be the most important subject to go over with a teenager.  Parents ought to explain the risks to their kid, and to enforce good behavior, it’s imperative that you too refrain from texting or even talking on your cellphone while driving.  If a teen sees you doing it, they’ll be far more likely to engage in the behavior.

Distractions also crop up when too many people are in your teens’ car.  Put a cap on the number of friends your teen is allowed to transport at any given time, and ask that everyone in the vehicle puts on their seatbelt.  Even if your teen wears his or her seatbelt, if the person behind them doesn’t, they could severely injure a teen driver if thrust forward.

Your teen should also be made aware of the dangers of alcohol consumption and drugs.  Not only could engaging in such a hazardous activity prior to or during driving lose them their license, but the threat of a fatal accident rises dramatically.

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