Tips to Help You Weather Any Storm

Posted on May 20, 2013

Knowing the steps you’re supposed to take in the midst of severe weather conditions is essential to ensuring safety.  Different types of storms may require you to take different precautions, although seeking shelter is always going to be imperative.  If the part of California you live in is ever impacted by severe weather, then you might consider the valuable tips offered in a new report.

Although not common, tornados are a possibility in California.  When they descend, you have to be ready to go into action.  Hopefully you’re in a structure that’s equipped to weather the tornado.  An underground shelter will be the best choice, but if such a basement level isn’t available, get to someplace in the center of the structure.  What you don’t want to do is buy into the old myth that you can equalize pressure by opening windows.  All this really does is give the wind access to your home and send debris inside.

If you ever find yourself outside, the danger becomes far greater.  If in an automobile, you need to exit at once so that you’re not inside should the tornado pick up the vehicle.  If no buildings are around, you’ll want to find a low-lying area and lay down while covering your head with your hands.  However, keep in mind if you’re in a ditch that heavy rains might lead to flooding, and thus you must be cognizant of that danger.

Hail also poses its share of danger, with head injuries from larger pieces of hail resulting in various injuries and even fatalities every single year.  We’re talking about a projectile that could be the size of a baseball moving as much as 100 miles per hour.  If in the midst of a hailstorm, find shelter as quickly as you can.  That goes for if you’re in a vehicle as well; hail can crash straight through the windows.

No matter what type of storm might be bearing down on your neighborhood, you can stay up to date by following the warnings of the National Weather Service.  If you’re traveling, know what counties you’re going to be traveling through so that you know to take precautions when that particular county has a watch or a warning issued for it.  Having a map handy is also a great idea, as you can consult it if you’re not sure of your location.

You also want to make sure to check in on certain demographics prior to a storm hitting.  If you have a loved one or neighbor who is elderly or mentally or physically disabled, check on them if you can do so safely.  And if you have pets or children, make sure you know where they are at all times.

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