Safeguard Your Home From a Burglar Throughout The Summer

Posted on May 8, 2013

Burglary rates tend to jump in the summer if nothing else than because people tend to be out of their homes more often.  There is also a greater chance that windows will be left open when it’s warmer out.  To protect your home from a burglary, consider some of the tips provided by the Police Department of Fairfax County, Virginia.

First, even though it can be tempting to leave your windows or even doors open because of the nice weather, recognize that doing so makes your home a tempting target for burglars.  Lock your doors and windows if you’re going to be gone.

If you’re going to be away when it’s dark out, make sure to leave the lights on or even flick on a radio so that it appears someone is home.  Should you leave town for an extended time period, you might consider lights that can be put on a timer.  When you leave notes for your kids or someone housesitting, put them inside rather than on the door.  Just like a pile of newspapers, a note sends a signal to a burglar that no one is around.

Some other steps might be taken depending on the setup of your home.  If you have a sliding glass door in the back or front of the residence, place a stopper inside the gap so that it’s much harder for someone to break in.  Mail slots should be small enough that no one can reach inside, and your bushes should be trimmed so that they can’t provide cover for a burglar.

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