Review Shows The Upsides, Downsides of Anti-Distracted Driving Apps

Posted on May 9, 2013

With distracted driving more prevalent than it’s ever been, numerous apps are being rolled out in order to help curb the habit.  A new report takes a look at three such apps, and gaining a better understanding of each could help you choose the system that’s right for your lifestyle.

First up for review is TextStar, a free app that can only be found on Android systems at the moment.  This app allows a driver to set an automatic response that can be distributed to text senders when a vehicle travels at a speed greater than ten miles per hour.  Unfortunately, the phone will still ding to alert a driver that a text has arrived, and thus it might tempt a driver to check their phone despite the auto-reply.  TextStar also rates you based off of your texting restraint.

DriveScribe kicks in when it detects that a vehicle travels more than 12 mph.  Unlike TextStar, the app does not alert the driver to the incoming text.  Instead, the owner will be able to receive their texts once the vehicle draws to a halt.  Auto-replies are sent in the meantime.  The app also keeps track of other dangerous road maneuvers.

Then there’s  What distinguishes this free app from the others is the fact that it reads incoming messages to the driver and then sends a customized message back to the sender.

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