Protect Life And Limb When Trimming Trees

Posted on May 16, 2013

When dealing with broken tree limbs, the last thing you want is to add another broken limb of your own to the pile.  At least 109 people died last year in an incident stemming from tree cutting, according to the Tree Care Industry Association, but they believe that there are probably even more instances than that.

Trimming tree limbs is considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be one of the most hazardous activities for amateurs and professionals alike to take part in, and the data about the dangers surrounding tree trimming seems to back that up.  One out of five deaths stem from falls, getting hit by a limb accounts for 64% of all deaths, and 4% of fatalities can be attributed to electrocution.  Chainsaws are also responsible for their share of injuries.

Thankfully, a new report offers some advice that you can use to protect yourself, whether you’re a tree trimming professional or a property owner fed up with overhanging branches.  For one thing, don’t stand directly beneath a limb that you’re cutting.  It’s probably far heavier than you think, and a smack on the head can imperil your life.

Don’t let a stepladder or even a regular ladder take the place of the proper safety equipment.  And if you are using a chainsaw, or any other type of cutting device, watch out for kickback as you cut, as you could find yourself suffering a serious laceration injury.

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