Protect Guests From The Threat of a Deck Collapse

Posted on May 23, 2013

Are you hosting a get-together for friends and loved ones this Memorial Day?  If so, then your porch might be overly stressed by the number of people who gather for the festivities.  This can create a serious hazard, especially if your deck is older or if the entire structure suffers from shoddy craftsmanship.

To make sure that your guests are protected and you thus aren’t held liable for the injuries which can occur should a deck collapse, you might want to look to the safety tips offered in a new report out of Chicago.  That city suffered from nearly 1,300 complaints in regards to a potentially hazardous porch last year, which is actually a significant drop from 2006, when over 2,300 porches were reported.

Ensure that your deck hasn’t accumulated excessive rot or damage, often incurred when the unit has taken on water.  Sometimes, this type of hazard might not be visible to the naked eye, and you thus want to conduct a once-over of the structure to see if there are any weaknesses or other flaws.  Excessive wobbling when simply walking along the deck could be indicative of a potential threat.

Make sure the deck is anchored and bolted properly to the ground as well as to your residence, and make note of any planks and guardrails that jostle when stepped on or pressed against.  If you notice danger, take the party inside, and call the appropriate local officials to obtain an inspection of the structure.

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