Precautions To Take When Using a Stand-Up Lawnmower

Posted on May 17, 2013

Somewhere between a riding mower and a walking mower is a stand-on mower.  We previously covered some of the steps that consumers can take to make sure both they and their children are safe around lawnmowers, but stand-on mowers require a user to take certain other precautions in order to ensure safety.  A new report discloses some of those precautions.

Just like anything else, you should prepare prior to starting up the mower.  That means that a careful review of the owner’s manual is warranted.  You should also suit up with the right clothing, making sure to cover your eyes and ears and wear the proper pair of shoes and pants.

Preparation also extends to the area you’re going to mow.  You should do a once-over of the entire area to make sure there isn’t any debris that could act as a projectile when you roll over it.  If you’re covering a wider area that you’re unfamiliar with, if you’re mowing for commercial purposes for instance, you need to make a mental note of any steep drop-offs or large ditches.  You should also clear kids and animals out of the area.

Before you start the mower, you’ll have to fill it up with fuel.  This should be done outdoors, and the mower should have been turned off for quite some time prior to the fill-up.  Step carefully onto the mower and have both feet in place the entire time that you ride.

If you have to get off for any reason, say to move an obstacle out of your way, make sure the blade clutch engagement switch has been set to the off position so that the blades don’t pose a threat while you’re away.  Also put on the parking brake so that the mower doesn’t roll away while you’re on your feet.  The engine should be completely off and you should take the key with you.

Slopes can be a little bit trickier on a stand-on mower.  When moving up, you’ll want to position your full weight forward so that the unit doesn’t tip backward and threaten to crush you.  The gas pedal should be pressed evenly without going too fast.

On the other hand, make sure you’re leaning back if heading down an incline.  If the unit begins to move too fast and you feel control slip, slow down at a reasonable rate until you can get things under control.  Should the mower not respond, you might need to jump off of the unit.  If you do this, though, there absolutely should not be anyone in front of the mower.  Avoid this situation at all costs if you can.  You should also lean back when mowing inclines at a perpendicular angle.

Given the additional challenges of this type of mower, make sure only those well-versed in its operation are allowed to use it.

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