Parents Face Injury Risks From Their Own Kids

Posted on May 21, 2013

We often take to this blog to warn consumers about trending circumstances which can lead to injuries.  Whether it be a defective product, an inattentive driver, or some other type of hazardous situation, the potential for injury in our modern day society could be endlessly explored.  But there’s one type of injury that goes largely unnoticed:  children accidentally hurting their parents.

An intriguing article in the New York Times takes a look at the phenomenon, classified by one blogger as Unintentional Parental Abuse, in greater detail.  The truth is, parents who aren’t careful around their younger children could find themselves on the receiving end of an injury.  Children don’t know their own strengths and limitations, and thus it’s not at all uncommon for an unsuspecting parent to find themselves being whacked in the face by an errant hand or noggin.

These types of injuries don’t exactly receive their own classification at hospitals, but anecdotal evidence suggests that they happen more often than you might think.  Parents routinely suffer from facial fractures, lacerations, eye scratches, and even concussions.

One New York-based pediatric doctor explained that corneal abrasions are incredibly common, as kids tend to want to reach out for their parents’ glasses.  They’re also curious about things like earrings, and they might reach out to grab such objects before you have the opportunity to react.

Stay cautious around your kids, and click the link to read the full tongue-in-cheek article.

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