Missouri Highway Patrol Details Ways Cyclists Can Stay Safe

Posted on May 3, 2013

With May’s dual designation as Bicycle Safety and Motorcycle Safety Month, we’re seeing a lot of agencies roll out tips geared toward one of the two conveyances.  Today, we thought we’d relate some bicycle safety tips from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The first thing emphasized is the idea that bikes are required to adhere to the same laws as motor vehicles.  Although that means that automobile drivers must respect persons on bikes the way they would any other vehicle, it also means that bikes must respect the rights of pedestrians, understanding that persons on foot are afforded the right of way.

Cyclists should also take pains to make themselves seen along the roads.  Reflectors on the front and back of the bicycles are a must, as are lights and bright clothing that further increase the rider’s visibility.  Appropriate gear also extends to a helmet, which can protect a cyclist from certain impact injuries that can occur during a crash.

Bicyclists should only ride a bike one person at a time, and risky maneuvers such as jumps and other stunts should be avoided, especially along busy thoroughfares where a crash could topple you into the road.  Don’t latch onto another automobile to get where you’re going faster, and always keep two hands on the bike.  The only exception to the latter rule should be when you’re signaling your intention to turn.

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