Memorial Day Safety Preparations Begin Prior To Your Trip

Posted on May 24, 2013

We’ve been using this week to bring you advice geared toward ensuring you have a safe Memorial Day weekend.  We’d like to close out the week by doing the same, explaining the steps you can take if you’re to ensure safety before taking a trip with your family.  The advice hails from the Indiana State Police.

Safe preparation begins prior to even leaving your home.  You must make sure that you have all the equipment you’re going to possibly need.  If someone in your household uses prescription medications, carry an ample supply on the off chance that your plans get extended longer than you would have thought.  Also carry health insurance cards on your person in case an emergency prompts you to seek out medical care.

Your vehicle has to be gone over so that you can be sure it will transport you and your family safely.  All the safe driving in the world might not matter if you’ve neglected to get your oil changed at proper intervals or failed to pump the proper level of air into your tires.  All fluids should be topped off, and you should have on hand the types of gear that can get you back on the road quickly if something like a flat tire or other vehicle defect sidelines the vehicle.  Antifreeze and oil could be kept in a tool box, as can a flashlight, a wrench, and various other tools.

Do you have AAA or some such travel assistance membership?  If not, you might consider it.  You can keep such a card in your wallet just in case if you ever need assistance.  When it comes to those other cards in your wallet, your credit and debit cards, take care while in an unfamiliar environment.  Don’t let them leave your sight unless you’re paying something like a restaurant bill, and be wary of those who take an unwanted interest in the information contained therein.

You should fill a trusted acquaintance in as to your travel plans, and if things change, you should inform them of the alteration.  That way, when an emergency does occur, that person can alert the proper authorities if need be.  You might also have this person come by your home on a daily basis to ensure that things are as they should be.

When it comes to leaving the home, make sure you’re not inviting thievery.  Stop newspaper and mail service so that the accumulation of such doesn’t tip off burglars, or else have the aforementioned acquaintance pick up the material on a daily basis.  Lock the doors, but perhaps leave some lights on, preferably on a motion timer, so that it would appear that someone is home.  Also unplug all small appliances that might pose a shock, fire, or short circuit hazard.

You’re ready to go.  Be safe on the roads, and enjoy your trip.

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